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If, because of the failure of the owner or manager of a property to provide reasonable security, you or a family member was a victim of an assault, rape, or murder, you may be entitled to damages for your losses, including lost wages, medical expenses, physical pain and mental suffering or loss of support.

If you have suffered permanent disability or disfigurement such as brain damage, or if you have lost a relative and have a claim for wrongful death, you need to focus on healing. If you would like an evaluation of your case and efforts to be made to see whether the claim can be resolved through a settlement with the insurance company, contact our Winston-Salem lawyers and make arrangements for an evaluation.

Under premises liability law, shopping centers, motels, warehouses, parking lots, ramps, decks, and other public places need to be made reasonably secure. Inadequate lighting, faulty locks and alarms, and failure to maintain high visibility can all be examples of a failure to provide adequate security.

We find some property owners, after reviewing a security analysis recommendation, simply fail to spend the money to put the program in place. In other cases, the security company doesn't maintain enough guards.

Not every case will result in a settlement or judgment for the plaintiff. No attorney fees are charged unless there is a recovery.

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