North Carolina Truck Accident Attorneys

Accidents involving commercial vehicles, specifically semitrailer trucks, frequently result in catastrophic injuries or death due to the size and weight of the vehicle involved.

Unfortunately, the victims in these collisions often face a lengthy rehabilitation or are left grieving the loss of a loved one. They also frequently must wrestle with insurance providers that refuse to pay the full amount necessary to cover medical costs — both short-term and long-term — as well as lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

These accidents can be devastating to families, yet the trucking companies often seem to have the advantage in settling any lawsuits because they have experienced lawyers who are adept at minimizing the amount paid to victims.

In fact, many trucking companies have insurance representatives respond to an accident scene immediately in order to begin building a case that will help them limit their liability.

We Go To Battle Against Big Insurance Companies

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Comerford & Britt, LLP, in Winston-Salem put accident victims on even footing with large trucking companies and other commercial entities that are involved in personal injury lawsuits.

Our experienced North Carolina truck accident attorneys have battled big insurance companies in these kinds of cases for decades. We are familiar with the legal strategies that insurance providers use, and we have proven that we are capable of overcoming these tactics in order to collect the full amount that our clients deserve.

We work with accident reconstruction specialists who recover critical information that strengthens each case. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients throughout North Carolina after negligence or irresponsibility on the part of a truck driver or trucking company results in wrongful death or a serious injury.

Companies are required to adhere to a number of federal, state and local laws regarding driver safety and truck maintenance. Many accidents can be linked to failure to follow these laws. We have extensive experience revealing and holding companies accountable for the numerous causes of truck accidents. These include:

Meet With Our Semi Truck Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered a serious injury in a North Carolina truck accident, or if you have a family member who was killed in a truck accident, it is important to reach our Winston-Salem lawyers as soon as possible.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will answer your questions, review the facts of your case and explain all of the legal options available to you. You will not pay attorney fees unless we obtain a recovery for you.