Construction Zone Truck Accidents In North Carolina

Road construction zones can present numerous challenges and frustrations. Congested traffic, detours, delays and the blatant disregard of some drivers to adhere to construction zone traffic laws can create dangerous conditions.

If a truck driver fails to recognize or heed a congested construction zone, the results can be catastrophic.

Our experienced truck accident attorneys investigate the full spectrum of issues that contribute to serious truck accidents, including mechanical failure, fatigued drivers, or overweight or imbalanced trailer loads.

At Comerford & Britt, LLP, we advocate aggressively for accident victims and their families as they deal with the aftermath of serious or fatal truck accidents in construction zones. Our Winston-Salem truck accident lawyers help clients obtain answers, pursue justice and obtain peace of mind following a serious or fatal crash.

Promptly Investigating Construction Zone Accidents

Prompt investigation and evidence preservation are pivotal to the success of construction zone and highway traffic accident litigation. Construction companies, commercial trucking companies, insurance adjusters and others often accompany police and emergency responders at the accident scene. It's not unheard of to have commercial businesses influence the description of the accident made in the police report in an attempt to deflect liability for the accident and the resulting injuries or fatalities.

An advantage offered by Comerford & Britt is our ability to travel throughout North Carolina on short notice to remote accident scenes in our private airplane. We are able to begin our own accident investigation immediately — putting our clients on even footing with the trucking companies and improving the chances of maximizing the compensation received.

For a free consultation with an experienced lawyer following a North Carolina highway accident, contact Comerford & Britt in Winston-Salem. We offer free initial consultations.